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Key to Colobopsis species in the southeastern US

(from Creighton 1950, Snelling 1988; Mark Deyrup, pers. comm., William MacKay-Camponotus website)

The angle where the side of the head meets the truncated anterior face with a distinct flange or rim; the sculpture of the anterior face with small shallow punctures and fine reticulation; truncated face somewhat shining; metanotal suture shallowly or not impressed on both major and minor


The angle where the side of the head meets the truncated anterior face without a flange or rim, but instead either serrate or blunt; the anterior face coarsely punctate with heavy reticulation; metanotal suture shallowly to deeply impressed

2 Major workers with large, coarse, and sharp reticulations or foveolate punctures present on side of head and on truncated area of head, with edges of punctures touching one another; numerous erect hairs present on top of head (best seen in profile); metanotal suture of mesosoma of major and minor shallowly impressed; propodeum angulate between dorsal and declivious faces; generally smaller in size, majors usually 3.75 mm or less in overall length
  Reticulations or foveolate punctures on head of major smaller, less deep, and not usually touching each other; few erect hairs present on posterior area of head; metanotal suture of both major and minor deeply impressed; propodeum usually rounded between dorsal and declivious faces; usually large, major workers 4.5 mm or more in total length