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Key to Pogonomyrmex species in the Southeastern United States (from Tabor, 1998)
1          Polymorphic worker caste; propodeum lacking spines (occasional some aberrant spines present)
  Monomorphic worker caste; propodeum with spines
2(1)     Petiole with one or more distinct setae present ventrally; usually a strong and conspicuous rounded tooth present beneath the petiole; alitrunk somewhat flattened dorsally (as seen in profile); base of scape flared with a trough or concavity; propodeal spines elongate and thickened, directed upward
  Venter of petiolar peduncle lacking setae; venter of petiole usually lacking obvious rounded tooth; alitrunk more convex in profile; base of scape not flared and lacking concavity; propodeal spines thinner, more tapering and angled posteriorly