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Keys to Proceratiinae in the southeastern United States
(based on Workers

(from Bolton 1994)
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1 Mandible without teeth (edentate) and overhung by clypeus; the apical segment of funiculus strongly bulbous (figure1) ...Discothryea testacea Roger 1' Mandible has 3 or more teeth and is not overhung by the clypeus; the apical segment of the funiculus is not strongly bulbous (figure 2) ...Proceratium
Figure 1. Full face view of Discothryea testacea Roger showing bulbous apical funicular segment and clypeus overhanging mandibles.
Figure 2. Full face view of Proceratium sp. showing antenna not being bulbous, mandibles not overhung by clypeus, and mandibles with teeth.