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Hypoponera inexorata (Wheeler)

Hypoponera inexorata, full face view of worker. Note the impression on the lateral edge of the mandible
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Hypoponera inexorata, profile view of worker. This bright orange color is typical of this species
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Hypoponera inexorata, profile view of worker. Look at the stinger on that joker!
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Hypoponera inexorata is an orangish colored ponerine ant approximately 2 mm in total length. It can be separated from our other species of Hypoponera found in this region by the shape of the mandibles, which are sinuate along the outer border (concave laterally) and the color of mature individuals, which is much yellower or lighter, rather than dark brown to blackish-brown.

This species has recently been collected in Black Belt Prairie remnants in MS. Colonies have been found underneath the soil by random digging. At least one colony has been found underneath an imported fire ant colony (Pers. Comm. JoVonn G. Hill).