Museum Personnel

Museum Personnel: from left to right, Edda Martinez, Sangmi Lee, Richard Brown, James Lewis, Joe MacGown, JoVonn Hill, Terry Schiefer, and Jennifer Seltzer


Richard Brown, - Professor of Entomology and Director of Mississippi Entomological Museum -- Lepidoptera, especially Tortricidae.

Terence L. Schiefer, - Curator of Mississippi Entomological Museum -- Coleoptera taxonomy, especially Cerambycidae.

Joe A. MacGown, - Research Technician/Scientific Illustrator -- Formicidae of Mississippi, and illustration of select groups, especially Hydrophilidae, Nitidulidae, and Scarabaeidae.

JoVonn Hill, - Research Associate II -- Formicidae and Acrididae.

Jennifer Seltzer,, Research Associate I

Christi Jaeger, Research Associate II

Graduate Students:

Sandra Schachat, PhD Student - evolution of wing patterns in microlepidoptera.

Museum Associates:

John A. Barone, - Professor at Columbus State University, Columbus, GA--History and ecology of prairies in the southeastern states, and plant-herbivore interactions and the structure of tropical montane plant communities.

Clarence C. Collison, - Professor and Head of Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology at Mississippi State University--Administration, Nitidulidae of Mississippi, apiculture, pollination and veterinary entomology with emphasis on poultry ectoparasites. 

Matt Dakin. University of Southwestern Louisiana (Retired) Orthoptera of the southeastern United States.

Drew Hildebrandt, or - University of Mississippi Medical Center - Systematics and ecology of carabid beetles worldwide, especially in MS and the southcentral U.S. Current projects include working out the life cycle of the endemic Black Belt Prairie carabid beetle Cyclotrachelus hypherpiformis, mapping the distribution of the genus Bembidion in MS, and cataloguing the carabid fauna of the barrier islands.

Jerome Goddard, - Arthropods of medical importance, but specifically ecology of ticks and tick-borne diseases. State Medical Entomologist, Mississippi Department of Health. Also, Clinical Assistant Professor of Preventive Medicine, University of Mississippi Medical School.

Paul K. Lago, - Professor of Biology at the University of Mississippi--Entomology, insect taxonomy, primarily of the Coleoptera (Scarabaeidae and Carabidae), Trichoptera (Curvipalpia) and Neuroptera, faunistic studies of freshwater insects of Mississippi, insect - plant associations.

Blake Layton, - Extension Urban Entomologist with the Mississippi State University Extension Service. Primary interests are insect pests of ornamental plants, vegetable insects, household and structural pests, and fire ants.

SangMi Lee, doctoral researcher working with Gelechiidae (Lepidoptera).

John MacDonald, - Starkville, MS. Areas of expertise include tropical Lepidoptera; Scarabaeidae and Tabanidae of the southeastern United States; and plant identification, surveys, and taxonomy in the southeastern United States.

Edda Martinez-Calez, - Ph.D. student working on revision of the genus Donacaula (Lepidoptera: Crambidae).

Ricky Patterson, - 400 Winona Road,Vicksburg, MS 39180, phone-(601)638-6848. Lepidoptera of Mississippi, especially Lycaenidae and Hesperiidae, and state coordinator for the USGS Butterflies of North America database.

Nantasak Pinkaew, - taxonomy of Olethreutinae (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae).

Beverly Smith, - Director of Environmental Education Center at Noxubee Wildlife Refuge, interested in native bees of the region.

James Trager, - Biologist/Naturalist at Shaw Nature Reserve of Missouri Botanical Garden. Specializes in Formicidae taxonomy.