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Key to Hypoponera species in the southeastern United States (from Creighton 1950)
1            Mesopleuron smooth and shining, lacking punctures; petiole relatively low
….punctatissima (Roger) (possible, see note below, includes H. ergatandria)
  Mesopleuron partly to entirely granulate or punctate; petiole relatively high
2          The outer border of the mandibles sinuate (concave laterally); mature color light yellowish brown to ferrugineous yellow
  Outer border of mandible not sinuate; mature color dark brown
3      Petiole of worker in lateral view narrower dorsally than ventrally and rounded dorsally; head and body punctate, but shining in fluorescent light
  Petiole of worker in lateral view not narrowed or rounded dorsal, but approximately the same width as ventral portion; head and body punctate-granulate and not shining
Note: H. punctatissima is the cause of much confusion and H. ergatandria Forel is sometimes considered a synonym of this.  Others treat the two as separate species and it is a matter of opinion which one we should have in the U.S. or if they should both be here.  For now, I am following the Catalog of Hymenoptera North of Mexico that treats H. ergatandria as a synonym of H. punctatissima